Champaz was born and grew up in Kingston 13 the central parts of Kingston Jamaica. Living with both parents. Mother a nurse & his father a singer/ songwriter (who used to always sing & create melodies around the house). Which influenced Champaz musically.

Whilst at school in Jamaica, Champaz was able to sing/rap every popular song word for word, his friends would tell him that he should create his own songs because he did well imitating the originals.

Champaz name which is short for Champagne was originated from being the bubbly kid at the recording studio. He developed his vocal and song writing skills from being around the seasoned professionals at the top Jamaican Studios.

As a youngster, he performed on stage among many ‘a’ list dancehall artist including Beanie Man, Elephant Man and the list goes on.

In 2001 the rising star left Jamaica to further his education in the UK where he also still pursue his dreams as an artist getting bookings for local national stage shows and carnivals all over England. He then took time out to dedicate to his studies in Mechanical Engineering and IT. Realising he has good ears for music, he used his IT skills to create ideas and sounds using musical software’s. Its ok to brand him a producer as well as an artist.

Working with UK acts like Maxim from “The Prodigy” to Club hit guys Crazy Cousinz. his songs will have you on the dance floor in any party situation, “I promise to make songs with meaning that people every can relate to”. look out for Champaz on all online music stores.